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Tel: (514) 927-0481

  • Canadian Work Permit

    Every year, more than 90,000 foreigners come to Canada to work temporarily, after obtaining a work permit.

    It is also possible to work temporarily in Canada without a work permit in the following conditions:

    • Business Visitors;
    • Foreign Representatives or Government Officers and their Family Members;
    • Military Personnel;
    • On-Campus Employment;
    • Performing Artists;
    • Athletes and Coaches;
    • News Reporters;
    • Public Speakers;
    • Clergy;
    • Judges and Referees;
    • Crew Members;
    • Emergency Service Providers, etc.

    Finally, you can come to Canada under the live-in caregiver program, which allows a foreigner to care for children, the elderly, and the disabled in a private household.

    Call us for more details.

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